Molly Cluff | Molly Cluff | Writer of Contemporary YA
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I Write:

Young Adult
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About the Writer

I’m Molly Cluff, and I write YA fiction. In my books, you’ll typically find caves, theaters, moose, and girls with unfortunate hairdos. I received my B.A. in English from Brigham Young University, and am currently seeking representation for my contemporary YA novel, House of Murals.

In my non-writing time, I enjoy walking around the mall sipping on Coldstone shakes (banana ice cream with Reese’s, baby), and sitting at the back of various theaters waiting for my husband to finish play rehearsals. I’m a 1st degree black belt in Taekwondo, and boast a mean axe kick. I also hike the heck out of the National Parks, and would invite you to come along, except I probably hike way too fast for you with my crazy-long legs.


My sister and I co-authored a retelling of Sleeping Beauty called Heiress of Evoneer. It even had illustrations!


I finished a full-length fantasy novel, INTO THE HEART OF THE SUN. That was before I made the switch to writing contemporary YA!


I got into the amazing Pitchwars contest with my contemporary YA novel, HOUSE OF MURALS. What a ride!

Current Project

WALLOWING HEIGHTS is a contemporary YA reimagining of the lives of the Bronte sisters. The protagonist, Afton, has a booktube channel, which she hides from her family. When her author sister, Eloise, announces the cancellation of her beloved Wallowing Hours series, Afton attempts to use her channel to change Eloise’s mind.

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