Molly Cluff | Pitchwars Mentee Bio 2015
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Pitchwars Mentee Bio 2015

Pitchwars Mentee Bio 2015

Hello beautiful people of the internet, Pitch Wars Mentors, and fellow writers! I’m Molly Cluff, and I am beyond excited to be entering Pitch Wars this year. I’ve been looking forward to it for so long, it’s kind of an out-of-body experience having it finally arrive.

real life

I’m psyched to submit my manuscript to such great mentors, and am ready to dive headlong into the heat of things if I make it in!DSC_0819

Reasons I’d make an awesome mentee:


  • I have my B.A. in English, and I’m serious about this writing stuff.
  • I work as a web content writer, so I deal with hard critiques and feedback on my writing on a daily basis.
  • I read a ton in YA and my genre (contemporary). See my favorite things about contemporary YA here.
  • I planned ahead for this contest! House of Murals, my manuscript, has been through several rewrites, and multiple rounds of beta reads from my brilliants, talented CPs.
  • I haven’t sent out queries yet, so no worries about previous submission baggage.
  • I have a deep-rooted need to be there for people. This means, mentors, that I will be just as enthusiastic about when your book comes out as you will be when mine does, and I will tell the entire world of your eternal awesomeness. I will shove your book in the hands of strangers.


Who is this Molly Person Anyway?

I Like Cool Stuff Like Caves

I write contemporary YA because I love finding the spectacular things that exist in real life. One totally awesome things that I can’t get enough of is caves.

caveI actually like caves more than I like most people. I’ve logged hundreds of hours in cave systems. I worked as a National Park Ranger for four seasons, giving tours of three caves secluded in the craggy limestone mountains. This is where I fell hopelessly in love with a gorgeous man who spouts Shakespeare, who proposed to me in an underground chamber covered in white cave crystals. I’m actually not making this up.
Molly Ranger

I Like Cool Stuff Like Kicking People

If you Google me, one of the top search results is my board breaking routine for my Black Belt testing earlier this year. I had to break my final board with one of my favorite kicks: a spin hook kick. I didn’t break it on my first try. Or my second. Or my third. I had to try about a zillion times (with a timer going, and a huge audience, ahhhhh!) before I finally broke it.

There’s a story behind that though: I’d actually split my heel wide open on the my first kick attempt (whoops!). I still have the scar and the bloody broken board to prove it.

That being said . . . I have a slight problem with giving up on things I am passionate about. Writing YA is one of those things for me.

I Like Cool Stuff Like ALL THE REVISIONS!

In my last rewrite of House of Murals, my CP suggested a way I could cut a quarter of the manuscript. And I WAS SO THRILLED. I love Murals and invest a lot of effort into the story, which is why I get pumped about ripping its individual components to smithereens, and gluing it back together. I’ve gladly removed entire characters, shredded a prologue attempt, combined events, and tossed out scene after scene after scene that wasn’t working.

So let’s keep it up, shall we?elrond

Some Cool things in House of Murals:

House of Murals is about an 18-year-old stage manager named Cimber. In the wake of her stepbrother’s death, she goes to live at her aunt’s woodland art school. Of course, there is a cave at one point in the story, because . . . you know . . . CAVES. There is also a house with murals everywhere (surprise, surprise), trees decorated with ribbons, a group of teenage artists, green smoothies, old-school Gameboy playing, and an angry freaking moose.

Thanks for your consideration, mentors!

I await your in snow

  • Rachel
    Posted at 02:10h, 17 August Reply

    YAAAY!!! love your bio 😀 Rooting for you!

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