Molly Cluff | Wallowing Heights
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Wallowing Heights

I am currently seeking representation for my contemporary YA novel, Wallowing Heights. The manuscript is complete at 78,000 words.




Afton Bell’s two sisters don’t know about her booktube channel—which is probably for the best, considering they are the wildly popular authors of the books she discusses for the camera. Afton is content to use a pseudonym when filming and celebrate her sisters’ success from the sidelines, living with them in their ramshackle house off the highway in middle-of-nowhere Meadow. But when Afton’s sister Eloise announces the cancellation of her beloved Wallowing Hours series, Afton knows the popularity of her channel is in jeopardy.


Teaming up with fellow booktuber Bat Jensen, Afton is convinced the pair of them can rally enough fan support to change Eloise’s mind about quitting the series. But as Afton launches a fan mail contest and attracts masses of internet attention, it becomes increasingly difficult to hide her identity as a Bell sister from her viewers—and even more challenging to hide it from Bat. Before the contest culminates, Afton must choose between aiding her sister’s career and the future of her own channel.

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